Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague 2019

Which Topics will be Discussed during the 5th Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference?

The main topics that will be discussed during the conference include cryptocurrency market’s global trends and the future of blockchain technology. The list of keynote topics to be discussed during fifth blockchain and Bitcoin conference are:

  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain Apps
  • Blockchain: Opportunities and Risks
  • Development Of Blockchain In The Czech Republic
  • The Future Of Bitcoin

In addition to the keynote topic speeches, the event will also include a panel discussion among experts of cryptocurrencies. These kinds of panel discussions have become extremely popular among audiences as they get lots of information from the experts. Reports say that during the Prague event, the specialists will discuss on the different legal aspects of blockchain technology in businesses as well as cryptocurrency regulation.

What will be there in Exhibition? What are the Networking Opportunities Available?

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague 2019

The exhibition arena will see representatives from leading companies as well as blockchain startups from across the globe gather. During the event they will introduce guests to new blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technology based applications and newer projects.

The projects that will be showcased by the experts for blockchain businesses include:

  • Hardware for mining
  • Software
  • Blockchain business’s practical solutions

Reports say the event will provide enough networking opportunities to the attendeed. They will be able to:

  • Discuss projects and other related aspects with colleagues.
  • Expand business contact network.
  • Find business partners for developing new projects.

Who are the Organizers of the Fifth Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference?

Internationally acclaimed Smile-Expo will be hosting the event. The concerned organization has experience of successfully organizing 50 blockchain events across 24 nations.

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