Altcoin Price Analysis - Rally Inevitable in Q4 of 2018
Altcoin Price Analysis - Rally Inevitable in Q4 of 2018

Altcoins are moving sideways for a few weeks now and the bulls are reportedly accumulating in lower time frames. Stellar (XLM) with respect to the US Dollar (XLM/USD) seems to be in the bullish zone, as evident from the chart. Litecoin (LTC/USD), Cardano (ADA/USD), and EOS (EOS/USD) prices are also moving sideways above important support lines. Therefore, the bullish trend may gear up for these altcoins. Currently, it’s waiting for games for the market players. If the cryptocurrency market gains rapidly in the October 15 bullish direction, buying recommendation can be given on dips.

How are the Different Altcoins Performing?

Almost all the top 100 altcoins are more or less moving sideways. The cryptocurrency market is still undecided. The most important thing witnessed in the last few weeks is that the volatility in the market has almost vanished. The cryptocurrencies are moving in and out of green and red within a 1% variation. Greens are slightly more than the reds.

EOS Price Analysis (EOS/USD)

Daily and weekly timeframe of EOS/USD price are more or less stable. Volatility in this altcoin is extremely low. During the last day it was up by 0.3% and in the last week, it was down by 0.6%.

Bullish outlook is maintained as current price level is down by over 90% from the peak levels of 2017. Bull Run can be witnessed above $7 and aims at $9. If the price goes down below the $4-$4.5 range, the Bull Run projection will be canceled.

Litecoin Price Analysis (LTC/USD)

The projection for LTC/USD remains overly neutral. This is mainly because of the momentum shaping ranging market. Litecoin’s price is revolving around $50, which is another reason for having the neutral projection. Strong support is available at $55 and $60. If price breaks above these levels it can easily go up to $70 and $90. However, any movement below $50 may push the price to $30.

Stellar Lumens Price Analysis (XLM/USD)

Once Stellar Lumens(XLM/USD) crosses 25 cents, the Stellar Lumens market may become bullish. The first Resistance above 25 cents is 30 cents. This bullish projection will be canceled if the 15-20 cents support area is breached downwards.

Tron Price Analysis (TRX/USD)

The bull run is expected if Tron altcoin price moves above 2.5 -3 cents September highs. In that case, the traders can expect a rally till 4 cents. If the price drops below 2 cents then it’ll confirm the presence of bears. In that case, sell on pullbacks is recommended.

Cardano Price Analysis (ADA/USD)

Traders can buy Cardano (ADA/USD) on dips. From a top-down approach, sellers are mainly in control now. If the price moves below 7 cents, bears will be successful in reversing the bullish run of October 15. The risk-off traders can buy within the high-low range with stops at 6.8 cents (the main resistance level). If this level is breached, the Bull Run will continue till 12 cents.

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