Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bitcoin Leads Twitter as Most Popular Cryptocurrency, XRP has Highest Interest on Reddit

Report prepared by CoinTrendz shows that Bitcoin (BTC) is the leading most cryptocurrency having most mentions on Twitter platform. In the last one hour, as per the report, it has been mentioned in 1,963...
ripple or xrp Ico rush

Ripple or XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Bullish Even With Criticism

The creator of DogeCoin, Jackson Palmer, has finally had enough. Palmer is reverting things back to basics and is currently issuing an open source script that would instantly block Twitter users that state Ripple...
cryptocurrency market volume

Cryptocurrency Market Volume Report of December 2018 shows Improvement

Cryptocurrency market volume of top 5 most traded cryptocurrencies in December 2018 saw the strongest increase since May 2018. However, month-over-month cryptocurrency volume of other crypto assets, in fact, declined in December 2018. Top 5 Cryptocurrency...
Ripple XRP Price Analysis

Ripple XRP Price Analysis: Will XRP/USD Go Up or Down?

Ripple (XRP) price analysis shows that strong resistances are there at US$0.3180 and US$0.3240. On the downside, strong support levels are seen at US$0.3000 and US$0.2950. While analyzing XRP/USD price movement at the hourly chart,...
Ripple’s MoneyTap App

Ripple’s MoneyTap App Demonstrates Faster Payment with Zero Fees

A successful live demo of MoneyTap has been conducted on Ripple’s xCurrent-powered MoneyTap app to demonstrate faster payments in Japan. The SBI Ripple Asia’s app successfully sent money in almost real-time basis and for...
Crypto market

Crypto Market Recovers Yesterday’s Loss, Total Market Cap over US$120 Billion

Today the cryptocurrency market has seen a minor recovery overnight. The US$5 billion bounce back has helped the crypto market recover yesterday’s loss. With the minor recovery, the crypto market capitalization has crossed over...
Ripple Network XRP

Arrington XRP Capital Uses Ripple Network to Move $50 Million in 2 Seconds for...

Arrington XRP Capital uses Ripple network to move $50 million XRP in just 2 seconds at a transaction cost of just $0.30. Such an impressive achievement confirms that cryptocurrencies can bring a paradigm shift...
Ripple Cryptocurrency

Ripple can Become “Microsoft of Crypto”

Phillip Nunn, CEO of The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group, has reportedly said that personally believes Ripple has the potential of becoming the “Microsoft of crypto”, provided it keeps on the right path...

Have Ripple Been Deceptive About Their Digital Currency, XRP?

XRP is one of the most scandalous digital currencies out on the market. The digital currency is Ripple’s brainchild. XRP, as an opportunity for investment, hasn’t properly presented itself as a worthy investment for...
Stock Market’s “Panic-Like” Sell-Off Continues, Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Hold On

Stock Market’s “Panic-Like” Sell-Off Continues, Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Hold On

October 2018 is one of the worst months stock exchanges across the globe witnessed since the banking collapse of 2016. While MarketWatch called it “Panic-like selling”, CNBC called it a “panic attack”. However, when...



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