Coinbase Earn Ox Tokens Study Cryptocurrency

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has announced launching its new reward system platform called Coinbase Earn. This system incentivizes cryptocurrency study. Coinbase has launched this incentivized study crypto platform in invite-only mode. However, you can sign-up now and be a part of the waiting list to join the Coinbase Earn platform.

Coinbase Earn Platform – Earn 0x Tokens by Studying Cryptocurrency

During the launch, the Coinbase crypto exchange announced that 0x tokens can be earned by the Coinbase users by simply completing a wide array of educational tasks. The users can earn 0x (ZRX) tokens by knowing more about cryptocurrencies, whether it is by watching videos, taking quizzes, or others.

The press release says that any user (whether a part of the Coinbase Earn platform or not) can study cryptocurrency absolutely free of cost. The cryptocurrency exchange also observed that:

“One of the biggest barriers for people to explore a new digital asset is the lack of knowledge about that asset. Many of the people we spoke to expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin.”

Coinbase Earn Ox Tokens Study Cryptocurrency

Reports say the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange wants to use their Earn platform as an alternative for users to mine or purchase cryptocurrencies, especially those who are interested to acquire tokens. While explaining their intent, press release of Coinbase said:

“Mining cryptocurrency typically means high setup costs and technical knowledge, while buying cryptocurrency requires disposable income to exchange for cryptocurrencies, which limits access.”


Coinbase Earn platform makes the entire process easy. Cryptocurrency study reward can be accessed by using either a laptop or a smartphone. At the time of launch, users can only earn 0x tokens. Coinbase reportedly said that they are planning to add more content as well as cryptocurrency support in the future.


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