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Coinbase Extends PayPal Support to Europe and Bitcoin Support to Wallet

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the United States, has added two more features even in this severe crypto winter. Coinbase has allowed its users from Europe to withdraw available funds to their PayPal accounts. In another press release, Coinbase has announced that the company is extending Bitcoin support to Coinbase Wallet.

PayPal Support is Back on Coinbase

The Coinbase customers residing in Europe (both European Union and
European Free Trade Association countries including Switzerland, Norway,
Iceland, and Liechtenstein) can now withdraw funds to their PayPal accounts. This
PayPal fund withdrawal facility is available to the Coinbase users in the US
since December 2018. The PayPal facility for fund withdrawal was restricted to SEPA
and UK Faster Payments only for the European Customers of Coinbase. Now, the European
customers of Coinbase have PayPal facility too.  

Back in 2016, Coinbase had partnered with PayPal for withdrawing funds to Paypal. However, due to some technical issues the company had to turn off the service. This time, those technical issues are resolved and PayPal is back as the preferred withdrawal option for Coinbase’s customers in Europe.

Coinbase Paypal Bitcoin

Coinbase Extends Bitcoin Support to its Proprietary Wallet Users

Coinbase Crypto Exchange has explained in a press release that the updated Coinbase Wallet app (with support for BTC) will be available for users of both Android and iOS mobile handsets. To make the entire experience hassle-free for their customers, Coinbase has said that an existing user of Coinbase Wallet will start getting Bitcoin support in their wallet once they update their app. The activation of BTC support will be automatic. The users can start receiving Bitcoin in their wallet by:

  • Updating their app first, and then
  • Tapping the “receive” button


By extending Bitcoin support to the proprietary Coinbase Wallet users and Paypal withdrawal option to its customers in Europe, Coinbase Crypto Exchange has enhanced features and functionalities for improving the user experience. Experts believe rolling out these endeavors during the on-going crypto winter will help them reap gains during upcoming crypto spring.

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