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What Prompted CoinDesk to Crowdsource Crypto-Economic Data from Github?

The tool’s beta version was launched back in November 2018. The most critical comment it received was regarding CoinDesk’s methodology to calculate interest of developers in a blockchain. The only criticism it received is regarding the insufficiency of CEX’s methodology in measuring developer’s interest throughout each project.

Explaining with an Example about the Critical Comment

Bitcoin Core is the reference implementation of Bitcoin. In fact, CEX tracks the Bitcoin Core repository. This process works fine while tracking Bitcoin. This worked because of the presence of a single client.

However, problem with the process crops up when it is applied for tracking repositories of Ethereum. Counting only one client was not sufficient for Ethereum. Comprehensive tracking was missing when only single client was tracked. This is because CEX was getting data from a single client of Ethereum and not from all the clients. Ethereum is implemented with the help of several clients.

coindesk github

CoinDesk currently tracks Geth, the largest repository of Ethereum. However, CEX doesn’t track Parity client, which is equally important as Geth. Parity is equally important, developed independently, and known for its interoperability. In addition to this, there are other clients too such as cpp-ethereum and others. By counting only one client (Geth) and not tracking others (Parity, cpp-ethereum, and others), CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer missed out on some of the interest of the developer on that blockchain.

After finding this, CoinDesk decided to go beyond the core protocol as well as client implementation for all the associated projects developed from the blockchain technology.

What’s the Solution of CoinDesk Now?

CoinDesk now goes directly to the communities of the developers to enable the coders to power wide array of blockchains for providing input on their methodology. That’s why the methodology as well as the data sources are published by Coindesk Data in GitHub for the developer interest of CEX.

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