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image_pdfimage_print, the first regulated tokenized securities exchange of the world, enables crypto traders to get exposure to stocks and commodities. It is a cryptocurrency friendly platform that promises crypto traders with the dual advantage of high leverage as well as low barriers of entry. Reports say is developed to become the “Bitmex of stocks”.

Crypto Traders will get 150 Tokenized Assets to Trade on, 10,000 More in Pipeline is a Belarus-based trading platform where the cryptocurrency traders can trade tokenized securities. This platform enables retail investors to trade assets from the very first day. You can trade almost all globally recognizable tradable assets on this platform including Nasdaq 100, Microsoft stock, oil, gas, and many more.

Crypto traders can join through invite-only mode only. Reports say the platform has around 1,000 traders currently, who have joined through the invite-only mode. It is learned that around 113,000 users are still there on the waiting list, who have shown interest in joining the platform.’s CEO Ivan Gowan has said that most of the crypto traders who have shown interest in joining the platform belong to the English and Russian speaking worlds. He went on to say that 70% of the people who have shown interest in joining hail from Eastern European countries. This trend is mainly because of the fact that is based in Belarus. Ivan Gowan also said that the US citizens will not be able to sign up currently.


CEO of went on to say:

“I think there’s a lot of excitement where people see this kind of merging of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and capital markets and they see tokenized assets as a big part of that future… We’re not setting ourselves up to be focused on the institutional market – we’re focused on people who want to trade with us directly, people who value simplicity and ease of use.”

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