Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Academic institutions from New York to Tokyo are offering a wide array of courses and classes on cryptocurrencies. These universities are also providing support to research initiatives on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

IBM & Columbia University Announces 2 New Accelerator Programs on Blockchain

IBM and Columbia University have announced 2 accelerator programs on blockchain development –

  • The Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator – It’s designed mainly for pre-seed idea-stage companies having an affiliation to NYC-based universities.
  • The IBM Blockchain Accelerator – This program focuses on enterprise business networks and is designed for later stage growth companies.

These two programs have been designed to support ten startup companies. These 8-weeks long programs will provide the startups with access to technology and services with an approximate valuation of US$400,000. However, no payment or equity will be sought by either the Columbia University or IBM from the startups.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Executive Director at Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, Satish Rao, said:

Early and late-stage teams will undoubtedly benefit from IBM’s technology resources, expertise and established network coupled with Columbia’s ground-breaking research and talent in blockchain and data transparency, all while benefiting from rapidly growing NYC blockchain communities.

VNX Exchange Partners with the University of Luxembourg to Enhance Crypto Asset Security

Reports say VNX Exchange (a tokenized venture capital assets platform, based in Luxembourg) has partnered with the University of Luxembourg for enhancing the crypto assets security. Researchers at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust of the University of Luxembourg will help in the creation of a safer trading environment as part of the agreed-upon cooperation. The researchers will not only develop higher network security levels but also design new IT frameworks.

The University of Tokyo Receives US$800,000 Blockchain Donation

A donation of 90 million Japanese Yen (equivalent to around US$800,000) has been received by the University of Tokyo for assisting a blockchain innovation course, meant for the engineering students. The course will reportedly help entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain technology as well as startup management. The donation amount is supported by several companies including the Ethereum Foundation, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, and many more.


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