Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash (the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the Alt100 index currently) has created a new record for making the most number of transactions withina 24-hours time span.

Dash Crypto Creates a New Record

The Dash team successfully executed more than 3.5 million transactions in a single day. The most important thing to note is that this huge volume of transactions took place without any network congestion.

Reports say the total number of transactions (in 24 hours) executed by the Dash Team has surpassed the previous records set by other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. The last record of most number of crypto transactions in a single day was held by Bitcoin Cash. The last record was 2.1 million transactions in the 4-hours time span.

Dash Cryptocurrency

The stress test was held by the Dash Team on November 11, 2018, on the Dash network, confirming the new record. The concerned stress test was a community-driven one, testing the maximum stress that the blockchain can successfully take. The entire stress test was live on the stresstest.mydashwallet.org.

What’s the Official Statement of Dash?

Dash’s Director of Media & PR, Mark Mason, said the Dash Team had carried out a stress test a few months back (in July 2018) when they were able to successfully make 700,000 transactions in 24-hours. Within 4 months from the last stress test, their team has achieved a record 3.5 million transactions in a single day, which is 5-times than that of the previous attempt.

In a tweet, Mark Mason thanked “Delta engine and MyDashWallet” for successfully carrying out the test. He also congratulated the team for setting “a new record and all-time high the number of transactions achieved by a Bitcoin-based blockchain.” He went on to say that the stress test was conducted not to brag about it but to push the limits of the blockchain, identify the problem areas, and improve them.


Photo Credit: pixabay.com