EO.Finance Crypto Referral Program

EO.Finance has recently launched a crypto referral program, offering 30% of transaction fees for every referral. Reports say this is the highest paying crypto referral program of 2019 till now. This EO referral program will reportedly be available for EO.Trade too.

Details of the EO Referral Program

Every user of EO.Finance will receive a unique invite link. They can, in turn, share that link with anyone through social media. The user starts earning 30% of the transaction fees for every transaction that has been carried out by anyone who used that unique link for getting registered. In that, the EO user can also earn 5% of the fees for every new referral that has been introduced by that user. It becomes even easier for a user to earn more because of the availability of a wide range of features along with multiple supports such as –

  • Availability of over 40 cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem
  • Ability to use both debit and credit cards in the ecosystem for making transactions
EO.Finance Crypto Referral Program

Extension of the EO Crypto Referral Program

The EO referral program will be available for EO.Trade too, once it is launched. This enhances the ability of a user to earn from a single, unique referral link across multiple products (EO.Finance, EO.Trade, and others), available in the entire EO ecosystem.

This is the reportedly the best referral program available in the market. The 30% of the transaction fees is better than all other referral programs available.

Payments for the EO Crypto Referral Program

Payments for the EO crypto referral program will be done in the same currency in which the user has either purchased or exchanged. A user, who has earned profit through the referral program can withdraw it instantly. Therefore, a user can start earning immediately from the referral. The profits earned by a user can be exchanged into any currency of choice.

Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/