blockchain technology ico rush

Guess who is hiring? The largest social media platform, Facebook! If you’re looking for a job, then you’re in luck. Facebook, a social media giant, has new 5 job openings and are looking for blockchain technology talent at their headquarters in Menlo Park, California. They’re looking people who have talents in software engineering, marketing, and science.

While the plan of the platform for using blockchain is not yet revealed, the ads on their careers pages have expressed that their ultimate goal is to aid “billions of people with access to things they don’t have now.” The ads further quoted “equitable financial services, new ways to save, or new ways to share information” as some possible use cases for the technology.

blockchain technology ico rush

Facebook’s Blockchain Technology Team

The largest social media platform has launched their blockchain team last May, with the reported goal of considering the upcoming technology. David Marcus is the one who’s heading the team. He had previously served as Facebook’s president of their Messenger app division. In June this year, Facebook has one of their senior engineers as the first “director of engineering, blockchain,” Evan Cheng.

In their ads, the firm has said that the division dedicated for blockchain has been structured within their company, and has the goal of making blockchain technology at scale within their firm.

For the firm’s data-focused roles, there have been openings for a data engineer and data scientist. The data scientist and data engineer are required being recounted as quantitative analysis expertise “informing solutions with a variety of data,” making decisions for their products and “building models of user behaviors for analysis or to power production systems.”

The largest social media platform is also for software engineers who are experts in blockchain technology. One post reads, the engineers should be people “who share a passion for tackling complexity and building platforms that can scale through multiple orders of magnitude.”

Another product marketing lead is also attempting to find “to build and manage a new product marketing team focused in exploring the opportunity the blockchain will bring.” Perhaps this is stipulating that the firm is starting to consider more than merely considering blockchain technology use cases, they must also governing the firm’s “product go-to-market plans.”


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