Bitcoin Laundering

Complications surrounding alleged Bitcoin launderer Alexander Vinnik are getting worse as law enforcement officials from 3 countries grapple to get him extradited. Vinnik is currently in local police custody of Greece, where he originally hails from.

Reports say the alleged Bitcoin launderer has been questioned by the French investigators. However, his lawyers have called his charges as “trumped up”. The French investigators today questioned Vinnik in Thessaloniki regarding the criminal cases that were filed against him in Paris. One of Vinnik’s attorneys Timofei Musatov said that the French investigator’s interrogation was scheduled just before the extradition of his client. He said that this was done to put psychological pressure on Alexander Vinnik.

He went on to say that there is no evidence of Alexander Vinnik’s guilt in the case files. The lawyer also said that “the information the investigators rely on has been falsified”. The 38-year-old Russian national was arrested by the Greek law enforcement last year at the request of the United States. He was nabbed at a time when he was vacationing Greece with his family.

A grand jury in the USA reportedly indicted Alexander Vinnik on twenty-one counts. The allegations mainly surround his complicity with the launderers at the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and helping the launderers steal Bitcoins from Mt. Gox., the now-infamous Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange.  Alexander Vinnik, has been charged by both Russia and France. France claims 133 million Euros ($155 million) worth Bitcoin were laundered by Vinnik. Russia has reportedly said that Vinnik laundered 750 million rubles ($11 million) worth Bitcoin.

Reports say Russia’s extradition request has been approved by the apex court of Greece. It is being learned that the Supreme Court of Greece has planned to weigh on the requests of both France and the USA. The final judgment on the trial of Vinnik rests upon the Minister of Justice.  The defense team of Vinnik repeatedly argued that his extradition should be done to Russia.


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