Globsyn Business School Blockchain

Globsyn Business School (GBS), one of the leading business schools in India, is all set to introduce blockchain technology based certificates for its new graduates. Per the announcement by GBS, they are among the first few business schools in India that are using innovative technology for their certification process.

Globsyn Business School Announces Blockchain Certification for Business Graduates

Director of the Globsyn Business School, Rahul Dasgupta, has said:

“Having forayed into the quest for continuous innovation in education two decades ago, it is due to its propensity for the technical breakthroughs that today, Globsyn Business School stands on a strong foundation of technological platforms across its systems and processes. Following this legacy, GBS is now set to disrupt yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students.”

For issuing certificates to its business graduates, Globsyn Business School is reportedly using Certy platform. This platform is being used by many other educational institutes for issuing certificates to the business school grads.

These blockchain based certificates provided through the Certy platform are tamper-proof and instantly-verifiable. Reports say that this blockchain technology-based services Certy is provided by one of the leading most blockhain startups in India named Somish.

Will Blockchain Based Certification Make Physical Certificates Obsolete?

The best part of blockchain based certification is that they can be accessed by prospective employers from anywhere in the world. Therefore, the requirement of having physical certificates will either become obsolete or ornamental (just for showing off the rolled physical certificates at the time of passing out ceremony).

Therefore, from now on the graduating students of India’s Globsyn Business School can share their diploma certificates with other educational institutions or potential employers. Once shared, the institutes or employers can check the certificates online from any part of the world. Therefore, blockchain technology will not only make the certificates tamper-proof but also instantly-verifiable in a click of a button.

CEO of Somish, Ish Goel, said:

“Students can now simply share their certificate IDs and Blockchain transaction hash with prospective employers for instant verification. This is truly ground-breaking. We are dedicated in supporting Globsyn with their Blockchain journey.”

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