Google Ethereum Classic

Google Data Scientists Showing Interest in Ethereum Classic (ETC) – Why?

BigQuery, big-data analytics platform of Google, has added support for Ethereum Classic blockchain searches and multiple other cryptocurrency networks. This will reportedly help technologists in searching specific data pieces on the blockchain.

How will Support for Ethereum Classic by Google’s BigQuery Bring in the
Coveted Change?

Reports say this is one of the major pushes that the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community has been trying this winter for boosting the concerned cryptocurrency’s role in the broader crypto market. Currently, ETC’s presence with respect to the other leading cryptocurrencies is almost negligible. If we consider “Crypto Economics Explorer” of CoinDesk we will see that it’s less than 1% of the network’s activity with respect to the one displayed by Bitcoin (BTC). On GitHub, in comparison to the developer benchmarks, ETC’s network activity is just over 3%.

Edilson Osorio Junior, CEO of OriginalMy (a startup of blockchain voting
and verification) and a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur, has told media that
addition of BigQuery will also help his startup in two ways:

Google Ethereum Classic

  • Searching specific vote of a certain media piece,
  • Authenticate publication date of a certain media

He went on to say:

from BigQuery will be so fast, so I don’t need any more to have a local
database to be redundant.”

What are the Other Advantages associated with BigQuery’s Addition of
Ethereum Classic?

ETC Cooperative’s (a non-profit organization) director of developer relations, Yaz Khoury, said that staffs of Google have noticed the enhanced focus on the fostering use cases. He went on to say that the support personnel of Google has already approached him. He also said that the BigQuery support tries to merge “the gap between people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure” and technologists who have other queries related to other types of data. Khoury went on to say that interested users and technologists can search data related to ETC blockchain data throughout the BigQuery products of Google Cloud.

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