IBM Watson LTO Blockchain Network

IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology and hybrid blockchain platform LTO Network have come together to transform public services. Reports say that the two advanced technologies have come together to start technological redesigning of criminal justice cases for the office of Dutch District Attorney.

Hybrid Blockchain Platform LTO Network: What is it?

The global problem of inefficient information exchange is solved through the use of hybrid blockchain platform LTO Network. These are Live Contracts, which helps in collaboration by multiple stakeholders. A dynamic method is provided by these live contracts so that logic can be defined on the blockchain. The main purpose here is not the determination of process state. It, in fact, gives active instruction to humans as well as computers about the steps to be followed in a workflow.

How the Collaboration of IBM Watson and LTO Network are Path Breaking?

IBM Watson LTO Blockchain Network

The hybrid blockchain platform LTO Network has collaborated with IBM Watson artificial intelligence. This collaboration will help in the development of a unique framework for the office of Dutch District Attorney for optimizing blockchain’s ZSM-processes. The best part is that the ZSM-processes will be optimized for the blockchain while the data privacy, as well as GDPR compliance, are maintained.

ZSM stands for “zo snel mogelijk. It is a Dutch expression, which means “as soon as possible”. These processes are completely administrative processes. Here, the accused doesn’t have to pay fine or even carry out a simple action. No extra steps (such as court hearing) are involved here. By using IBM Watson artificial intelligence will further reduce the manual labor needed in the ZSM process significantly.


Dutch Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, said:

“There has to be a real, noticeable reduction for police investigators…Identifying and structurally addressing unnecessary administrative burdens in time will require a systematic approach within the police force.”

Reports say that a committee is expected to provide advice on measures required to monitor the administrative overloads in the long run and also to intervene wherever required.

When the LTO Network hybrid blockchain platform is combined with the IBM Watson’s AI technology, the administrative workload of all the involved parties in the entire process will get reduced significantly. This will ultimately help in solving criminal cases four times faster.

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