India Cryptocurrency Forensic

A national cyber forensics lab is inaugurated by the government of India. A cryptocurrency forensic lab is included in this national cyber forensics lab for performing crypto-related analyses.

In addition, a cybercrime unit has also been inaugurated by Delhi Police. It is meant for dealing with the cryptocurrency related frauds. The police commissioner has said that the Cyber Protection Awareness and Detection Center (Cypad) is the first ever cybercrime related awareness and the detection center of India.

Cryptocurrency Forensic Lab Inaugurated by Union Home Minister of India

The national cyber forensic lab and the cybercrime unit of Delhi Police are inaugurated by the Union Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh.

Amulya Patnaik, the Delhi Police Commissioner said:

“It is the first cybercrime awareness and detection centre opened in the country.”

He also listed the name of units included in the national cyber forensic lab:

  • Memory forensics lab
  • Image enhancement lab
  • Network forensics lab
  • Advanced mobile forensics lab
  • Damaged hard disk
  • Cryptocurrency forensics lab
  • Malware forensics lab
India Cryptocurrency Forensic

The Delhi Police Commissioner went on to say that the newly inaugurated cyber forensics lab will help police officers detect the increasing cyber frauds.

We are now equipped with technology to recover data from damaged hard disks, cryptocurrency analysis, malware forensic and data can be retrieved from 33,000 kinds of mobile models available in the market. Cyberexperts will train our staff.”

How will Cypad help in Dealing with Cryptocurrency Fraud?

Reports say Cypad:

“Aims to provide cyber investigation, cyber forensics, cyber safety and security-related services to the citizens as well as to police units and agencies of Delhi. The center in Dwarka will provide security services to citizens, cops and other agencies to better equip the country in the fight against cybercrime.”

The Union Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh said that cybercrime is the greatest threat to digital India. He went on to say that the newly inaugurated center will help in dealing with cryptocurrency related fraud. In addition, the lab will also deal with international tech-supported frauds.

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