ZPool ZCash Mining

ZPool, one of the largest ZCash mines of the world, has launched its ZCash mining pool today. They have reportedly also started recruiting Zcash miners from across the globe free of service charges.

ZPool’s founder KIENG KESSARA has noted that ZPool was earlier known as Megabigpower Bitcoin mine. It was constructed in USA’s Idaho in Sept’17. However, currently, it only mines the ZCash cryptocurrency. KESSARA said ZCash is essentially an encrypted currency, which uses zk-SNARKS or zero-knowledge proof for completing privacy protection.

Privacy is strictly demanded by both individuals and enterprises. In fact, the latter demand more protection of privacy in the blockchain. When it comes to the technical pursuit of blockchain technology, protection of privacy is one of the most important aspects.

ZPool ZCash Mining

When compared with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), ZCash is less difficult in computation, on one hand, and provides a higher return, on the other. It is a highly rare fact that around 5.5 million are in the market circulation. ZCash is a highly valuable cryptocurrency, especially from the perspective of investment. It’s also safe and stable.

ZPool has the ability to bring in a better mining pool, leading to better results. It has a first-grade technical team as well as a management system that is thoroughly professional. Whether it is stability or security, ZPool can improve both with the help of its unique technical architecture.

For providing miners with guaranteed profits and minimization of rejection rate, ZPool plans to arrange its nodes world over through:

  • Mining broadband expansion
  • Proxy server deployment, and
  • Network layer optimization

ZPool has adopted the PPS revenue model that generates profits as long as normal functioning of mining machine takes place. This mining model facilitates profit analysis of the miners and at the same time stabilizes their gains. The mining company is also entering Hong Kong and other Asian-Pacific areas as part of their expansion plans.


Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/