china cryptocurrency blockchain ranking

China Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Ranking List

  • This index was first released in May 2018. EOS cryptocurrency tops the blockchain ranking list, which it has been holding since June 2018. The recently released 9th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index is the first index released in the New Year 2019. EOS shot to limelight last year when it got tangled into a controversy in November 2019. With evidence, it was suggested at that time that there had been the reversal of some confirmed transactions.  
  • In the latest China cryptocurrency ranking list, Ethereum (ETH) got the second spot. ETH is holding on to the rank on the China blockchain list since December 2018. The most important development for Ethereum is the postponement of its Constantinople hard fork. A smart contract audit firm named ChainSecurity flagged about the vulnerability of the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283, which could have been vulnerable to hacking attacks. Reports say that the Constantinople hard fork of Ethereum will take place in February 2019.
china cryptocurrency blockchain ranking
  • China’s latest cryptocurrency and blockchain ranking list show that Bitcoin currently holds the 15th position. During December 2018, Bitcoin ranked at 18th position. However, the rank improved three positions to the current 15th spot in the CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.

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