Cryptocurrency Exchange

An Israel-based EOS block producer having bare metal data centers, LiquidEOS, is trying to develop solutions that’ll improve mainnet efficiency of the cryptocurrency platform. The solution also aims to make the platform more scalable as well as secure.

Reports say LiquidEOS has acknowledged the fact that its “roadblocks to truly globalized communities” are the cultural barriers. The block producer (BP) has also reportedly acknowledged that “different languages, business cultures, and preferences or access to various communication platforms” divide the Eastern and Western EOS block producers.

Limited Information Access

LiquidEOS has reportedly said that EOS block producers located in different parts globally don’t have full access to the information related to the progress the other EOS ecosystem is making. It went on to say that the block producers are not at all properly informed about the works or progresses made by others in the global community when it comes to improvement of blockchain infrastructure, technical innovation, and DApps.

The Solution

Reports say LiquidEOS has observed it yawning gaps and therefore want to bridge this divide by creating a “more informed and unified global EOS community”.

LiquidEOS has reportedly announced Project EOS Bridge’s launch for improving communication between eastern and western EOS block producers.

This will gather relevant information (in term of developments in local communities) by working collaboratively as well as closely with the community members of the crypto platform and EOS block producers. Reports say the information thus collected will be shared through the publication of bi-weekly update.

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