MobileGo Price Analysis
MobileGo Price Analysis

MobileGo, a project designed for disrupting mobile gaming altogether, has seen a recent uptrend. Price of this smaller-cap altcoin pushed close to $0.8, which made $1 look like a potential target in the coming days. MobileGo got a shot in the arm when XSolla (popular platform’s payment processor) added it as a preferred payment method for its gamers.

MobileGo Price Analysis

In the recent months, the extended bearish trend in the altcoin market pulled down the price of MobileGo (MGO) to just $0.15. However, the trend is slowly but steadily turning around, thanks mainly to the big gains made across the board.

MobileGo with respect to US Dollar (MGO/USD) has reportedly increased by around 9% in the last 24 hours. The price even crossed the price even crossed the $0.8 mark and touched $0.81 at one point in time. At the time of publishing the news, the MGO/USD price was hovering around $0.76 level. At a time when top-10 cryptocurrencies are showing a negative return in the last 30-days chart, MGO/USD price has increased by a phenomenal 382.9% during the same time.

In fact, MobileGo has also gained by 8.5% over Bitcoin and Ethereum, enabled by the US$20.2 Million worth trading volume. Under the current circumstances, all these aspects look promising.

What Do Analysts believe?

Market analysts are excited about the way MobileGo price has increased in the last few weeks. The 14-day chart shows a remarkable increase for MGO/USD price by 70.4%. Most analysts are upbeat about it because of the way it has increased from $0.15 to $0.80 and that’s too in a month’s time. What’s so interesting in MobileGo’s ascent is the fact that there was hardly any setback during this period. However, it remains to be seen how quickly MGO/USD price reaches the $1 target.

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