Russia Crypto Bill

What did the Chairman of Russian Federation Council say about the Crypto Bill?

Valentina has reportedly spoken to officials from multiple institutions on expediting the process of adopting the digital economy bills, which includes cryptocurrency bill too. Reports say she has spoken to Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia as well as the parliament’s Upper House Committee for Economic Policy. She urged the departments to probe why there is a significant delay in discussing and taking a final decision of the digital economy bills.

Valentina Matvienko pointed out that the lower house of Russian parliament, Duma, has already spent one-year (a considerable amount of time) without making any significant change. She went on to urge the member of parliaments to look into the digital economy bills (including the crypto bill) to investigate what’s taking so much time in approving it. However, she is also keeping the doors open of rewriting the legislation, provided they are found to be of poor quality.

Russia Crypto Bill

The top official also noticed that the incomplete and inefficient legal framework regarding the digital world including cryptocurrencies is holding back the startup companies in going forward with a digital breakthrough.

What did other Top Russian Officials say about Digital Economy Bills including Crypto Draft?

Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the Russian Duma, had also announced at the beginning of January 2019 that priority will be given to the bills dealing with the digital economy (which includes digital financial assets, digital rights, and crowdfunding, to name a few) during the upcoming sessions of the parliament.

A deadline for the discussion on the crypto bills was also set by Anatoly Aksakov (head of Committee on Financial Markets). He went on to assure that by the end of February 2019, the crypto bill will be reviewed by the parliament.

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