Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

Will Samsung Galaxy 10 Smartphone come with Crypto Wallet?

Gregory Blake has released images of Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype. He said that the well-awaited new model of Samsung has an integrated “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore” feature. It helps users to maintain full control over the private keys as well as the cryptocurrency funds.

Once the user authenticates and at the same time enables the Blockchain KeyStore on the Galaxy S10 device, the users can send/receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the help of the mobile phone’s crypto wallet.

The screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype that Gregory Blake shared reveal that it comes with the crypto wallet that supports only Ethereum. However, another image showed that the wallet also supports Bitcoin. It seems the Samsung crypto wallet at the upcoming smartphone would support multiple cryptocurrencies at the time of launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

While verifying that the leaked images are that of Galaxy S10, Chris Smith, a technology journalist at BGR, said:

“We know it’s a Galaxy S10 phone because the punch-hole camera is placed near the top right corner. The A8s’ selfie cam is on the left side. Also, we know it’s a Galaxy S10 phone rather than a Galaxy S10+ model because it features a single-lens selfie camera. It’s clear the handset isn’t the Lite version, because the screen has curved edges, rather than flat.”

The recent leaked images of the Galaxy S10 model only confirm the December 13, 2018 report saying that Samsung has filed for its blockchain trademarks. At that time it was also claimed that the company developed a cold storage crypto wallet for integrating it in the concerned model.


If the rumor of Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet’s inclusion in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 turns out to be true, it will put forward serious competition to the HTC blockchain phones.

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