Bitcoin Yellow Vest Puzzle

A pro-crypto Parisian artist and muralist, Pascal Boyart, painted a puzzle on the theme of the famous French Revolution painting “Liberty Leading the People”. On January 6, 2019, Pascal tweeted about his painting that depicted a woman holding French colored flag in hand and contemporary protesters wearing yellow vests.

What was the Bitcoin Yellow Vest Puzzle?

In his tweet, the painter along with pro-Bitcoin venture capitalist Alistair Milne said that a secret private key has been hidden in the art installment. Anyone who can find that private key can unlock a wallet to receive 0.26 BTC, which was equivalent to US$1,000 at the time of deposit.

Who Solved the Bitcoin Yellow Vest Puzzle?

The muralist Pascal Boyart again took to the Twitter within 1-week after posting the puzzle and announced that a person has solved the “mural en-masse” (as touted by the crypto media). Pascal also cited an address data from the Blockchain’s block explorer. Within an hour of this tweet, Twitter users Antoine and Brito responded by claiming that it is them who solved the crypto puzzle.

Bitcoin Yellow Vest Puzzle

In his tweet, Antoine said that he and his partner Brito are “very happy to win this race”. Antoine also noted that the mural created by Pascal Boyart exposes the determination the citizens of France have to triumph over the lies of the bankers.

The self-professed blockchain technology engineer and cryptocurrency enthusiast said that his team’s findings will be released in the coming days in an effort of spreading Bitcoin. The two blockchain enthusiasts reportedly unlocked a prize of 0.289 BTC, which according to Sunday’s valuation was valued at US$1,025.

Cryptocurrency Gaining Momentum among Yellow Vest Pro-Crypto Protesters

The crypto-mania is fast spreading among the Yellow Vest (Gilet Jaune) protesters. Some activists have asked the close-knit social media circles to withdraw money from banks and other centralized financial institutions to give the protest in France (which is currently in its ninth straight weekend) the next big push.

This “bank run” narrative is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among the tight-knit community of decentralists in the blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) community. In fact, adoption of cryptocurrencies has already reached a new high as Paris Tabacs (initially 6 stores) have started to sell Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange of fiat currency Euro.

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